PE Coating Aluminium Honeycomb Panel

• lightweight
• stiffness
• fire resistance

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Product Details

PE Aluminium honeycomb panel

 is a lightweight, environmental friendly (recyclable) material with good mechanical properties:

• lightweight

• stiffness

• fire resistance
• compression, shear and corrosion resistance
• flatness


PE Aluminium honeycomb panel sheets can be used in in tool machines, in serigraphy, as core for lightweight panels, in airflow ventilation, working surfaces for automatic machines etc.. PE Aluminium honeycomb can be used as deflector for laminar flow ventilation, and as crash absorber for kinetic energy.
Our clients may customise our products by choosing: honeycomb thickness (from 3 to 1000 mm), cell size (from 3 to 25 mm) and aluminium foil density (depends on foil’s thickness and on cell size)

In particular, as core material for sandwich panels,PE aluminium honeycomb panel is used in different sectors such as: public transport vehicles,  shipbuilding, building industry for floors, roofs, doors, partitions, facades,  and for all products which require an optimal stiffness-to-weight-ratio.


PE Aluminium honeycomb panel is sold perforated or non perforated (the micro perforations allow air flow among cells when needed i.e. vacuum or decompression tools): as unexpanded block, as unexpanded slices, as expanded sheets and expanded drilled honeycomb.

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